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A Cautionary Tale

Let’s just be real here for a moment… women have facial hair – you know this, right? It’s an unavoidable fact. Sometimes that facial hair congregates on the upper lip – pale and sparse.  Or, in my case, like a thick row of little black spider legs.

This has been an ongoing problem for years, and I’ve tried waxing and hair removal creams ad nauseam. Eventually, I resorted to shaving. I figured, what the heck – if hubby can shave his face almost daily, so can I. Amirite?

Stiff Upper Lip

Turns out, when you don’t pay attention to what you are doing and turn your head without moving the razor away, you end up shaving off a tiny part of your lip. When you shave off part of your lip, you bleed profusely. When you bleed profusely, you end up with a scabby lip. When you end up with a scabby lip, people wonder if you have face herpes.

Don’t make people think you have face herpes.

Step away from the razor and call an esthetician to take care of your face properly.


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