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Didja Miss Me? Huh? Didja?

Jack Nicholson - I'm Back

So, I’m re-starting my blog after a year and a half break. My life became so busy and writing became more of an overwhelming chore than the fun outlet I was hoping it would be.

But baby, things have been a-changing! In the past 18 months I have:

  1. Graduated from college (a 20 year endeavor!).
  2. Started a new job.
  3. Received a life-changing medical diagnoses (it’s surprisingly positive).
  4. Adopted a third dog (thus demonstrating my total inclination toward crazy-town).
  5. Had some serious personal revelations, which will likely be fodder for future posts. Consider yourselves warned.

I have no specific designs on what this blog will look like going forward. My guess is it will be about 50% therapeutic writing, 50% random observations and 100% Kayla’s style of crazy.

More to come!


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