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Bad Fader

I’ve written periodically here about my husband’s music.  Over the course of this past year he’s made great strides in his studio, both in terms of getting the right combination of gear, and more importantly, perfecting his craft.

He recently completed enough songs to put together a formal album, and last weekend, we established a website to help spread the word about his music. His style is reminds me a bit of Jim Brickman, but more memorable (after awhile all of Brickman’s music sounds the same to me.)  It’s all instrumental, no lyrics or vocals. He composes, performs, mixes, and produces all the music himself.

I know that I am biased in my opinion that what he creates is truly amazing.  Still, I invite you to check it out for yourself, and if you know of anyone who would enjoy this type of music, please pass the link along.


Listen & download on Amazon

You can also click here to listen to one of Tim’s most recent works – one inspired by our wedding day – February 14, 2004. Gets me misty eyed up every time!

My sexy hubby and one of our schnauzers, Dug.


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