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I’ll Tell You What My Problem Is…

Aren’t you glad the title of this posting isn’t, I’ll Tell You What YOUR Problem Is?  Be prepared, I’ll pick that topic up another time – today we’ll focus on me.  My dear friends, I’ve finally figured out what my problem is:

I am too damn busy.  This is now a documented fact.

The first 3-4 months of each year is what I affectionately refer to as “crazy season” at work.  My job centers around recruiting/staffing for my employer, and this is the season for dozens upon dozens of jobs and thousands upon thousands of applicants to weed through.  Thankfully I love, love, love what I do – but even so, the pace is pretty intense and I find my brain to be pure putty by the end of the day.  Which is problematic, because I’m also still enrolled at Western Governors University and am in the midst of tackling the required 8 credits of science.

To further complicate things, I decided to try and be all healthy or whatever, and enrolled in Weight Watcher’s online program over the weekend.  So now I get to track points on top of everything else. I have to be honest- it’s kind of a pain in the tookus. But on the upside, when entering my starting weight on Monday, I way over-estimated the number – consequently, when I weighed myself today I was able to report a 15 pound weight loss.  My online tracker was recommending immediate medical care until I corrected my starting number.  IF ONLY! I think the only weight loss plan that can provide those kind of results is the stomach flu with a complimentary side of diarrhea – but even that option requires a solid 5-7 day commitment.

So we’ll see what the next few months bring.  And I’ll try to pop in more frequently to update the 2.5 readers that still check in periodically to see if I’m alive.  In the meantime, I need to do some grocery shopping…


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