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Monday Confessional: Did you really just say that?

Confession:  I am often dumbfounded at the things that come out of peoples mouths.  (See Exhibit A)  But I am even more dumbfounded at what comes out of my own at times.  (See Exhibit B)

Exhibit A
Late last week, Hubby and I popped into Applebee’s for dinner.  We walked in and waited for a few moments while the hostess greeted the party in front of us, which consisted of a young couple, with the wife holding a car seat carrier with an obviously young infant strapped in. All very normal and run of the mill, until the hostess asked if they wanted a kids menu for the baby. Who could not have been more than 6 months old.


Now I know it was probably just an automatic response on her part, but I couldn’t help but giggle.  I leaned over to Tim and whispered, “Do they have a new breast milk service we’re not aware of? Perhaps an unadvertised special? Maybe they hire lactating specialists, can you imagine that work station in the kitchen!?!”.

Needless to say we were laughing up a storm over that.

Exhibit B
A few days later, we were watching TV in bed and chatting about the pros and cons of living a significant distance away from family, and I brought up the Amish tradition of Rumspringa, where their teens are allowed to venture forth from the restrictions of Amish life and enjoy modern culture.

Unfortunately, as so often occurs, my brain pulled the wrong word up from my frontal cortex and I instead referred to the tradition as Rumsfeld.

Of course this led to another giggling conversation, imagining Amish teens spending 2 weeks with Donald Rumsfeld. Do you think that would improve or reduce their chances of staying in an Amish Paradise?

Which of course I can’t say without referencing the video classic:

Thank goodness for the absurd.  What would we have to laugh about without it?


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