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Monday Confessional: Music Man

Confession:  I am married to an incredibly talented musician.

No exaggeration here, people.

My husband has had a life-long passion and appreciation for  music of all kinds – it’s one of the first things we connected over when we met. I knew that he played the piano, and although we had one in our early years of marriage, it was often sadly out of tune and therefore under utilized.  So although I knew that he had composed and created music in the past, I hadn’t really heard what he could do until recently.

Well, over the years he has gradually been putting together an awesome, albeit modest home studio – and this past summer I was able to hear for the first time how truly talented he is.

Please, take a moment to click here and listen to his first single: Dreams in the Clouds.  It’s a piano piece – written, performed, and produced by Tim himself.  If you like it, you can download it for your own listening pleasure.

Tim is working on several other pieces and hopes to have a full album available for download soon.  You can stay informed of future releases on his facebook page Bad Fader Productions as well. Be sure to spread the word to friends/family members you think might be interested.

Congratulations Sweetie – I love you and am so incredibly proud!!


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