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Monday Confessional

Do you ever do something reflexively, and then later question your actions?

I did that last Friday. Here’s the story:

When I bought coffee from our barista that morning she convinced me to try a piece of pumpkin bread. It was an easy sell. The only problem was that when I got back to my desk it didn’t sound as appealing, so I just set it aside, all wrapped in plastic for later in the day. That afternoon I decided I was ready to enjoy it but determined that I needed a pat of butter to go with it. No problem – our cafeteria sells those little foil wrapped pats of butter for a quarter, so I walked across the hall and purchased one.

Here’s where it gets weird.

The butter was, naturally, refrigerated. And in the back of my mind I was thinking about how it wouldn’t spread easily at all unless I let it sit out and soften. Which I was too impatient to do. I thought all of this in the space of about a second and a half and actually came up with a solution before I’d truly thought it through.

I popped the pat o’butter into my bra.

I think because I’ve stored change, antacids and even my cell phone there on a regular basis, some part of my brain deemed it an acceptable course of action. And truly, I’ve done much stranger things than that, but when I realized what I’d done I was actually moderately chagrined by it. Thankfully I don’t think anyone witnessed this action, and truthfully it worked like a charm. That butter was perfectly soft by the time I got back to my desk.

So really, I’m unsure whether this qualifies as a confession, or if it’s more of a recommendation?

Your call on that one.


One thought on “Monday Confessional

  1. I totally knew that you story was going there. I just thought it was going to end with you getting busy and the butter melting all over your chest… =)

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