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Monday Confession: I Know What You Did Last Weekend

Confession: I am related to a whole lotta awesome, crazy women.

Last weekend I spent some time in the mountains near McCall with said women (and their daughters).  We’re talking my grandma, and almost every female descendant that followed, 5 generations worth.

Despite a brief flirt with disaster on Thursday night, when I realized I’d booked everything for the wrong weekend (Gasp! Flush! Faint!), everything turned out providentially, as the cabin we were “bumped” to ended up being just perfect for our needs.  We had beautiful autumn weather the whole weekend and the only in-fighting was among the pre-adolescents.

Some things I discovered:

  • I am lousy at building campfires. Really. Seriously. Lousy.
  • While others say it was likely a wild dog or raccoon, I am holding firm to the belief that a small black bear stalked us all weekend, tearing up our trash and exorcising its frustration by gouging its claws into the front door.
  • Grown women are perfectly capable of staying up half the night, even with a bit of wine and margaritas under their belts.  Although we do still respond like teenagers at the prospect of wild beasties roaming around the cabin.
  • There are some seriously good cooks in my family
  • My young cousins are awesome kids:
  • One is planning on being the Evil Easter Bunny for Halloween this weekend.  She does a wicked, scary impersonation, complete with “You Stole My Eggs” in guttural tones.
  • Another 2 young cousins were rockin out to karaoke in the basement and totally reminded me of myself at that age – puttin on shows for the other girls. Feeling everything so intensely.
  • There is at least 1 read-a-holic in the fold, and I was excited to have someone to pass along some of my favorite reads from that age
  • A certain someone was observed polishing off the leftover Moscato, early Sunday morning, straight from the bottle, I might add. (Ahem – map props girlfriend..)
  • It’s not much of a “confession”, but I do admit to having a great time with all these women and girls and babies.
    I hope we get a chance to do it again next year!!

    2 thoughts on “Monday Confession: I Know What You Did Last Weekend

    1. It was an awesome weekend and knowing that we all got along and cherished our time together was superb. I love that we see some of ourselves in our younger relatives and that we enjoy each other’s company – how many families are that lucky? Thanks for much for planning it, Kayla. It was awesome to spend that time with you and all my other female relatives. I’m all for making it an annual event.

    2. It rocked ! Totally! And by the way.. it wasn’t me in the moscato.. although I may of been guilty for getting into Amanda’s out of this world stuffed french toast!


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