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Monday Confessional: Dirty Mind

(This post will soooo not surprise those who know me)

So a friend of mine uploaded the following pic on facebook:

She was commenting on the “Peeps Mo-bile” in the forefront of the picture.

But me?  I was looking at the sign in the background.

To be clear, it’s the sign for “Just Born”, presumably a store for infants.  But my brain interpreted it as “Just Porn”, and I spent a few seconds idly wondered what Peeps had to do with porn before I realized my error.

This is why I should never leave my brain unattended….


One thought on “Monday Confessional: Dirty Mind

  1. Now I know we’re related. I thought it might say porn as well. First I read it as Just Born but when I looked again I couldn’t see the bottom of the B looping back and thought does it say porn. Then I realized that was ridiculous. . .wasn’t it? In today’s world, ‘ya never know!

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