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Monday Confessional: Episode 5

Confession:  Today I’m going to disclose the actual contents of the middle console of my car.

This might not sound like much of a confession, but just wait… it’s weirdness personified.

This is what it looks like when empty and clean:


And this is what is in it as of right now.  *ahem*

  • 17 napkins from various fast food restaurants
  • 1 plastic spoon (not exactly unused either)
  • My ID badge for work
  • 2 unopened pregnancy tests (don’t read anything into this!  I’m talking to you, Mom)
  • 2 lighters
  • 1 pack Marlboro Ultra Light 100’s (you can read a little bit into this, but not TOO much)
  • 1 fake diamond wedding ring (this is my back up ring for those days that I forget my real one at home.  Happens more than you might think, hence the need for it in the first place)
  • 2 peppermints from Sonic
  • 67 cents in loose change
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 1 stress ball
  • 1 antenna ball – I think from Jack in the Box
  • 2 paperclips
  • 3 gum wrappers
  • 1 extra lanyard for my work badge (for those days when I want to color coordinate!)
  • 1 silver hoop earring (don’t know where the match to it is)
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa
I brought this on myself.

Whatcha Thinkin?

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