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Life Lesson #3928

While driving home late last Saturday evening, my hands were feeling a bit grimy and I so I reached into my purse and grabbed my travel-sized tube of anti-bacterial liquid. I knew that it was close to being empty, so after squeezing once and not feeling anything else, I gave it another healthy squeeze.  At this point, driving with my forearms, I realized several things at once:

  • Something wet was dribbling down my hands.
  • The tube of anti-bacterial liquid was not as empty as I thought.
  • That second healthy squeeze?  Completely unnecessary.
Turns out, after sitting in my car all evening, the liquid inside the tube was body temperature, so I couldn’t feel it when I dispensed it into my palm.
So there I was, driving 68 mph down the freeway, with an abundance of anti-bacterial liquid dripping into my lap.  I tried rubbing it into my skin furiously, thinking the alcohol would help it evaporate quickly, but there was simply too much.  So I proceeded to disinfect my steering wheel, gear shift and door handle… anything I could get my hands on that was a hard surface.
My car now smells like Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon.  Incredible.
The lesson I learned from all of this?  Don’t drive at night.  Hygienic products become tools of Satan by the cover of darkness.

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