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Monday Confessional: Episode 2

Confession: I shave my big toes.

There. I said it.

Of all the strange and unwanted places that hair grows on the human body, the big toe has to be the strangest. I mean, c’mon – is that little sprinkling of hair supposed to keep Big T warm and comfy in the winter? That’s a negatory… Instead they serve merely to embarrass me each summer when I break out my sandals.

Now, I’ve been assured that I’m not the only person to suffer such an indignity, but as a woman it’s hard not to take it personally when I notice 5 o’clock shadow creeping along my toe!! The only thing worse are those sporadic chin hairs that sneak by my regular inspection and manage to approach a full half inch in length before they are caught.

Oh the humanity..


5 thoughts on “Monday Confessional: Episode 2

  1. Chin hairs? Really? I thought you only got those after 50. I feel much better now. Yea for lighted mirrors.

  2. Kayla please for the love of God… must you spread our family secrets all over the internet!! HA!!

    Love Mommy

  3. Your Mommy’s name is Andy? How did I miss this?

    I share the toe and chin hairs… Only I get a sprinkling more than just my big toes. It’s now spread to the other toes.

  4. @Tim – Weeelllll…… maybe.

    @Carolyn – Lighted mirrors with massive magnification, and Tweezerman tweezers. #Bestofthebest

    @Andy – Mom? Why are you going by “Andy”?

    @Nik – Oh Noes. That news is not encouraging..

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