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Monday Confessional

I’m thinking of starting a regular “feature” on my blog in an effort to give me more of a structured posting schedule.  “Monday Confessional” seems like a good place to start.  This will be where I fess up to behavior that my momma taught better than to engage in. (I feel like the previous sentence had structure issues.  Tutorial, anyone?)

Today’s Confession:

I have an unfortunate predilection to putting things in my bra… and losing them there.

It’s truly becoming problematic.  You see, I often wear outfits to work that have no pockets, and when I run to the cafeteria, or the ladies room, I inevitably find that I need somewhere to stash small items when my hands are full (loose change, pens, cell phone, even pills).  I look around, I look down, and the solution – well, it presents itself!

Any woman endowed with a larger than average bosom knows that those two (let’s borrow a biblical phrase here) “young fawns” can be quite multi-functional.  I have used them to hold pens, while measuring and marking where to hang a picture; to stash my bank card after making an online purchase; to hide my cell phone when I accidentally bring it to a meeting at work.. you get the picture.

The biggest dilemma I’ve encountered, as mentioned above,  is that I often lose things in my bra.  It’s a bit embarrassing, really – apparently the warning flight attendants give at the end of each plane ride applies to my bosom, “Caution, contents may shift during flight”.  Nothing worse than trying to make a discreet grab for some cash and finding that it’s not where you left it!  Even better, there have been times when I’ve changed out of my work clothes in the evening, and it’s as though a slot machine is paying out in my closet.  Dollar bills, a variety of coins, a cell phone, and a tampon (sorry), flying across my carpet.

I have discovered (much to my relief) that I’m not the only person with this problem, and some enterprising soul has come up with a solution:

The New Pocket Bra!!

Photo courtesy of Style Guru



4 thoughts on “Monday Confessional

  1. I always told you that you too careless when it came to your things. That’s why they invented purses!


  2. Really Lala the earing you found in your bra tonight isn’t mine..but if you happen to find it’s mate in the other cup, I’ll take them! The earings that is, not the cups…

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