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What The Hell I’ve Been Up To

Umm, yeah… apparently I’ve been a little out of touch here lately.  And by out of touch, I’m referring to my lack of blogging, not my complete disconnect with all things currently fashionable, as evidenced by my recent acquisition of mom jeans. 

When I speak of mom jeans, I am of course referring to the highwater denim pants that lack button and zipper, but compensate with an elastic waistband (see example A on the far left):

*I have no idea what the caption means, but the jeans are spot on…

I don’t know why I bought these jeans.  I have no offspring to blame.  Only a sad relationship with Cherry Dilly bars from Dairy Queen.  They’ll be my Kryptonite this summer, I just know it!

Aside from the sad decline of my wardrobe, I’ve been devoting much of my time to school and work, and am happy to report that I finished the semester with a 3.65 GPA, which makes me very happy.

In July, I’m embarking on a new education endeavor at WGU – the only online, non-profit university I’ve been able to find.  I’ll tell you more in a future post (yes, I am commiting myself to posting again on a somewhat regular basis), but needless to say, I’m very excited to get the ball rolling.

In parting, I’m thinking of evolving from mom jeans to fashion overalls:



One thought on “What The Hell I’ve Been Up To

  1. Girl!! Those are chic!! If I had a sexy hourglass figure like that, I would ROCK those overalls. And I already wear bandanas, so if I could get some of those goggles, and go fly my airplane for a while, I’d be turning heads of he-pilots everywhere. 🙂 hee hee!
    I say go for it…where can I get some?

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