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Old Fogeyville: Straight Ahead

Exhibit 1:  We’ve been having trouble with one channel on our television.  The sound just stops working for some reason.  The only way to fix it is to completely reset the cable box, which while not difficult, is time-consuming and irritating to boot.  Hubby had to go through this about a week ago and we haven’t had an issue since, so when we were channel flipping the other night and found something on that channel we wanted to watch, irritation reigned supreme when we discovered the sound once again wasn’t working.  The conversation went something like this:

T:   WTF, I fricken HATE Cableone!

K:   <obliviously looks up from book she was reading> What, what’s going on?

T:   The sound isn’t working on Comedy Central again.

K:  Wait – didn’t you just reset it?

T:  Yeah, stupid ass piece of shi..

K:   Wait – look   <grabs remote, presses button>

K:  Umm, it was on Mute babe.  I think you owe Cableone an apology.

T:   Well… hell.

Exibit 2:  Hubby recently installed a new stereo in his truck that has a USB port that allows us to plug-in our iPods.  Whenever hubby plugs his in, there is often a noticeable delay and then the system always defaults to the first song listed alphabetically.  I brought my iPod w/me on a quick trip to the store this weekend and tried plugging it in with a song already playing on the iPod.  Worked like a charm – no delay and we were rocking in no time.  I unplugged it and stashed it in my purse while we went into the store and then tried a repeat approach to plug it in when we got back.

K:  That’s weird, it’s not playing!

T:  I think you have to have the iPod turned off before you plug it in.

K:  But I didn’t before and it worked great.  That’s so weird.

T:  Here, let me try something. <reaches for iPod>

K:  Wait… <light bulb comes on above head>

<reaches over and turns the volume up on the stereo.  Music plays clearly>

K:  <sheepishly> Oh yeah, I turned the volume down before we got to the store cause we were talking..

T:  Good grief.

K:  You realize what this means right?

T:  Yeah.  We’re both gimps.

K:  True dat dere…true dat dere…


4 thoughts on “Old Fogeyville: Straight Ahead

  1. This post makes me feel better. It isn’t just age that causes us to have these moments! If it makes you feel any better, I almost asked the Homeowners Association Board at our meeting last week who the secretary is. Why would that have been embarrassing you ask? Because I AM the secretary. That’s why I do the agendas and minutes. . .

  2. Carolyn – that’s hilarious. And it does make me feel better. 🙂 Glad I could do the same for you. Perhaps it’s a genetic disorder…?

  3. Well, I guess we are all related. Just sounds like a typical day
    for me…now you can see why your Aunt Carolyn and Valerie and Ilaugh all the time when we’re together!

    Oh..and Tim.. literary license my ass!

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