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It’s A(nother) Boy!!

His name is Yogi…I call him “Yogi-bear”. 

He’s a 7 month old mini-schnauzer, 3 months younger than Baxter, but about 5-10 pounds heavier.

Baxter is mostly okay with his new brother.  But he is very protective of me as well.  Yogi tried to snuggle up next to me on the bed and Baxter growled fiercely at him as if to say, “That’s MY mom buddy, not YOURS.  Go find someone else to snuggle with”.

This is a fairly good representation of his mood earlier. 

For now they are both crashed on opposite sides of me on the bed – Yogi is snuggled up to Tim and Baxter is glued to my side.  They are so sweet – like a matched set of salt and pepper shakers.

We’re a family of four now.  Yay for a full house..


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