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Angry, Angry Birds

Okay, Angry Birds is the stupidest, most addictive game ever.

Nevertheless, I downloaded it to my iPod yesterday and have been ridiculously entertained by it ever since.  The whole game is essentially comprised of throwing various sized birds at pigs in a classic story of revenge.  You know, because the pigs stole the birds eggs and the birds are now, well, angry. 

Think modern-day Les Miserable.  Except the pigs are not reformed and do not become upstanding citizens like Jean Valjean does.  Therefore the birds (channeling Javert, no doubt) take up the quest for vengeance, and chase their porky little asses across the countryside, flinging themselves through glass, wood and stone in an effort to bring justice to the land.

Nah, I haven’t overstated that at ALL.

The worst part of it all is that I just KNOW some 15 year-old, pimply geek probably developed this game on a lark and is now collecting a quarter everytime someone downloads it.  I totally could have done that if the internet had been available during my formative years.  And also if I had been remotely interested in computer programming.  And also maybe if I smoked more some crack.

Disclaimer: I don’t really know this person.  He’s only pictured to illustrate my point.  But don’t feel bad for him, he’s probably the next Bill Gates.  Not that I’m typecasting or anything.

Parting thought: I can guarantee if you tried throwing birds at pigs in real life, PETA would be all UP in yo’ bidness about it.  They don’t care that the pigs are snorting and laughing at you, totally mocking you behind your back. 


6 thoughts on “Angry, Angry Birds

  1. Ok, I shouldn’t reply in the middle of the night. That sounds very neener neener of me. I didn’t mean it like that.

  2. Lol – no problem, I didn’t read it with any ill-intent. It is amazing to me how sucked into it I’ve gotten. I even “upgraded” to buy the angry eagle feature.

  3. I love Angry Birds and I got my nephews addicted when I was home for Christmas!! Try Cut the Rope next! Just as addicting but takes a little more thought :]]

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