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My Giant Head

So the other night, I was putting away a container of flour in the cupboard and had my head turned one direction, talking to my husband. Without thinking, I used my other hand to flip the cupboard door closed. I did not take into consideration the location of my head.

I whacked my jaw.


I have a bruise to prove it.

A small one, but nonetheless…

Curses on my giant melon…


7 thoughts on “My Giant Head

  1. =( that is just a huge freaking bummer.
    I bruised my ankle the other day by closing a fridge on it, if it makes you feel better.

  2. Oddly, it does make me feel better. Because that’s the kind of person I am. Taking pleasure from other people’s problems. Making me feel better about myself.

  3. I have perpetual bruises on my hips from running into things–mostly the edges of counters, sometimes car doors–my subconscious thinks I’m a lot narrower in the hips than I actually am!

  4. My subconscious thinks the same thing… about my hips though…not yours. That would just be rude. Speaking of, have you ever heard someone describe someone as having, “good birthin’ hips?” I read that somewhere and it made me feel stabby.

  5. I once dropped a huge frozen package of hamburger on my toe and broke it. I also once swallowed a whole ice cube and almost chocked to death befoe it melted. I guess you really are my daughter.

  6. I’ve never gotten the “birthing hips” comment, but a lady (who was no delicate flower herself) once said that I had “farm girl legs”. I’m still not really sure what that means.

    Oh, and I’ve chocked on an ice cube before. It’s terrifying, until one remembers they melt.

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