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Because I Can

The I’m-still-too-busy-to-blog-and-don’t-have-kids-so-I’m-torturing-you-with-pics-of-my-dog-instead


Because I can.


Or not. 

I don’t really care.

My first glimpse of the booger…on Craigslist

When we first brought him home… 8 weeks old


On his hind legs trying to figure out how to jump from the patio through the kitchen door

Smaller than my friend’s kitty-kitty!

Locked up for his own good…and the good of the furniture

Captures his aura, don’t you think?

Please, please, please, will you throw my ball?

After chasing said ball for about 45 minutes straight.

He loves going for car rides and pretending he’s a meerkat.

SUCH a happy dog!

What doin, ma?


Hint: the rope is his “frenemy”

And there it is…the look that clinched the deal



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