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Quick Update

It’s finals week… two more exams and I’ll have successfully completed my first semester back in college. I know for certain I’ve attained an “A” for my English class, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to settle for a “B” for both my Macroeconomics and Cultural Geography. Which is killing me because I would really much prefer to think of myself as a straight-A student, but… <sigh> the road to perfection is long, narrow, and fraught with opportunities for self-denial that have been difficult for me. Hopefully I’ll be better at it by the time classes start next Spring.

It’s daunting to realize how much is still in front of me, but I’m glad to finally be on the path of completion. I’m even contemplating pursuing my Masters degree afterward. Which is an entirely new kind of insanity.

I’m so looking forward to having some free time for all of those things I’ve been neglecting – like my spouse, friends, and the stacks and stacks of books in my study. (Hubby would tell you I havent been that neglectful of reading, which I must confess is technically true, as the only kind of pleasure reading I’ve fit in is the kind that is completely worthless to my overall intelligence). My study is a disorganized mess, which makes it difficult to enjoy, so that’s another item on my list of things to accomplish during my break.

In parting – a quote that struck a chord for me today:

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best,

night and day, to make you everybody else

means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight;

and never stop fighting”.

E.E. Cummings


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