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Kickstarter Project

I learned about a new website today.

It’s a website that seeks to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors via a concept known as community funding. Essentially, it provides an avenue for people to present their projects (be they art, science or literary in nature), as well as the projected associated cost, and allows individual contributors to pledge their support. No money exchanges hands until total pledges equal the identified cost.

How do I know about this?

It just so happens that a very good friend of mine is undertaking a very cool project, and is utilizing Kickstarter to seek funding. Her goal is to establish a website that will catalog the books C.S. Lewis is known to have owned and/or read in his lifetime. This would be an incredible academic resource, and I want to do what I can to help support it!

Please, please visit her project page at Kickstarter and consider supporting her work. She provides a much better description than I ever could of what she will be doing and the importance of the project to the literary and scholarly world. I also encourage you to see what other projects are listed. At a minimum it’s interesting and entertaining, and at most you’d have an opportunity to support something fabulous!


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