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Gravity Succeeds

Contrary to popular belief, I have not fallen off the planet. (Is this a valid expression?  And if so…how does one fall off a planet?)  Instead I’ve spent the past three weeks immersing myself in homework, extra hours at work, and planning for an upcoming vacation, and the previously mentioned move.  To say that life is busy is a massive overstatement. 

For the most part, I think I’m staying on top of things.  Although I did discover tonight that somehow I managed to “forget” to complete my reading for my Cultural Geography course for the last umm…two weeks.  Oops.  That class is shaping up to be the biggest challenge, but not due to content, but rather due to lack of direction.  Most of my other instructors have supplemented the typical “read this, then take this test” with some interactive discussion and additional resources, including YouTube videos (suprisingly effective teaching tool, btw).  However I’ve found Cultural Geography to be incredibly dry and directionless.  Blech.

Things are going really well in my English class and moderately well in my Econ class.  I am fascinated w/economics, but do have frequent bouts where my brain flat-lines trying to process a concept.  I think it’s really good for my left brain to get some action though, processing all these logical, linear (ish) facts.

The downside of all of this chaos is, of course, that I have very little free time.  And when I do have free time, I want to spend it with friends and family, or curled up with a good book.  There are still a hundred times a day when I think of some random, crazy thing and think, “I need to blog about this”.  But of course, I’m immediately distracted by some “must-do” task and blogging falls by the wayside.  Which stinks, because I really do love posting here.

The reality however, is that posting will likely be scarce.  But it won’t completely disappear.  I promise.  Cross my heart.  With a pickle on top.  I’m doing this for your own good.  Wait, that one doesn’t apply.  How about, “I’m doing this FOR US!  FOR OUR FUTURE!!” <cue tears and sniffles> ” If we can just get through this, we can get through ANYTHING!”

There, that’s all for now.  And remember:


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