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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

The apocalypse is near internet.  I know about these things you see, and I’m here to tell you that it’s end times all the way baby.  The SIGNS are clear!  The time IS at hand!  (Channeling Southern Baptist preacher here)

How do I know these things, you might ask?  Is it the ever apparent crumbling of America’s moral fiber?  Rumors of the antichrist rising to power?  An arcane conviction stemming from deep-seated beliefs?


I’m basing my prediction solely on the fact that (a) I’m posting a real blog entry for the first time in weeks.  (b) I have been starting my mornings prior to 6:00 a.m. (in many instances, prior to 5:30 a.m.) on a consistent basis for the last two weeks AND (c) I’ve started drinking coffee – REAL coffee – a LOT of coffee, almost every morning without fail.

(The polar bear represents how I feel when I don’t get my coffee)



It’s true.  And it’s likely going to stay that way for awhile.  Things have been so crazy for so long that I’m concerned it’s become a developed habit.

Here’s the breakdown…

  • We’re short-staffed at work.  For the last several months we’ve been a 3 person team with a full-time temp helping out and we were barely scraping by.  One of my team members has since moved on to bigger and better things (and I couldn’t be happier for her!) and we are now sharing our temp with another department.  This all boils down to longer hours for me.  Strangely, it’s been working out really well and I find that I’m thriving on the demanding chaos. (Yet another sign of the impending apocalypse) 

This isn’t a true representation of me…except for maybe the coffee part. 🙂

  •  I decided to return to school.  I don’t know what brought it on, but a few weeks ago, I had one of those moments where everything becomes clear and I realized that I will never progress farther than where I am now if I don’t complete my education.  I have gone to school off and on several times over the last 10 years, but have yet to attain my bachelor’s.  I’m done pussy-footin’ around (so to speak).  It’s time to man up and get ‘er done.  So I enrolled in CWI for 3 courses this fall:  English 102, Macroeconomics, and Cultural Geography.  Gulp.  The best part of returning to school?  Shopping for school supplies. 

  • Bad News:  We’re moving.  I haven’t discussed publicly much about our financial situation over the past few years because let’s face it, most people have their own worries and don’t really care much about what Joe Schmo around the corner has going on.  But long story short, after hubby was laid off, our income dipped dramatically and despite many efforts to avoid, we filed bankruptcy about a year ago, and recently received the foreclosure notice on our home.  We have until Dec 9th to vacate.  We tried everything we could think of to re-finance, modify, or otherwise meet our mortgage obligation, but to no avail.  Someday I’ll post about the nightmare rollercoaster of trying to negotiate with a bank.  Blech.  It makes my stomach turn.

  • Good News:  We’re moving.  We have found a FANTASTIC rental that we are really stoked about.  It’s larger!  It’s a single story!  It has a garage!  I will have my own office/library!  We learned of the opportunity just a week ago and were able to view the property this morning.  Great landlords, reasonable price, and a long-term lease.  I couldn’t be happier about it.  Hubby and I have lived in 2 bedroom homes the duration of our marriage and cramped quarters have been par for the course.  We’ve made do and certainly been happy at each place we’ve lived in, but the thought of an extra bedroom and a garage just make me…well, SQUEEE!!!

A portent of what’s to come?  Let’s hope not..

This is just a snapshot of all of the things going on in my life right now.  The really strange part about it, which I alluded to earlier, is that for the most part, I really am thriving.  Work is exhausting and consuming, but also challenging in a way that I’m really enjoying.  School intimidates me to a certain point, but I’m excited about finally taking the steps to complete something I started over a decade ago.  And I think it will be good for my brain cells to have new ideas and concepts to chew on.  Moving is the most overwhelming thing in our future right now, but although I know it won’t be an “easy” process, we are ultimately ending up in a better place overall, and for that reason alone, I can’t wait.

So there you have it internet – a compelling,  no.. reasonable,  no.. how ’bout entertaining (?) argument for Apocalypse.  Be ye forewarned.  Gather up your canned goods and meet me in the foothills.  It’s every man for himself from here on out.

Peace ya’ll.


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