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Puppy Love

A few weeks ago I was surfing the “Pets” category on Craigslist. Ever since Maggie-Moo passed away, I’d been hankering for another four-legged pooch to call my own. None of the many, many dogs I saw however, captured my attention.

Until I clicked on an ad and saw this little guy:

See that look? That’s called the “Stink-Eye”

My heart immediately melted into a puddle and I sent an e-mail to my hubby that said, “Tell me NOOOOOO”.

Which he did.

Immediately. Lol.

Imagine my surprise a few days later then, to find out that he had apparently had a change of heart, and had been trying to track down the owner in order to arrange a surprise for me. And boy was I surprised! Usually when hubby says “No”, it’s pretty final. But who could say “no” to a pretty face like that?!? (Not to mention my pretty face!

So I’m happy to announce the arrival of our new little guy. Who, after MUCH deliberation has been christened “Baxter”. Poor little guy had a new name every other day the first two weeks. None of them seemed to fit him: Napoleon, Stinky, Einstein, Hammie, Henry.. We’d probably still be trying out new names if I hadn’t had “Baxter” engraved on his ID tag already.

Baxter has adapted to the household quickly and relatively painlessly. He does enjoy chasing the cat, but she puts him in his place periodically, with several soft slaps to the face (she’s declawed) and a whole lot of loud hissing.

I’m pretty sure he believes this means they are best friends. J

He’s mostly house-trained, only having accidents when we neglect to take him out frequently enough, and is learning “Sit” and “Stay” with relative success. He is also a lover of watermelon, carrots, and broccoli, so we think he’s a vegetarian at heart. And although he has (thankfully!) left our shoes alone, he does believe that all socks and underwear left unattended are an immediate threat to the household and must be treated accordingly. (I won’t show you a picture of what he did to a pair of my undies..I value your readership enough not to scar you in that way)

It’s been nice having an active puppy around the house. He has the “stink-eye” perfected to an art form, and hubby and I are thoroughly attached to the little guy.

So a big thank you to Hubby for such a wonderful surprise – now I know what “Puppy Love” is all about!


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