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How many times do you think I can re-use this water bottle before the bacteria build-up kills me?  (I’m on week 2…the container is just so cool I can’t bring myself to throw it away)

I got this water bottle while volunteering at Alive After Five a couple of weeks ago. (A downtown event occuring every Wednesday throughout the summer and involves live music, multiple food vendors, and a whole lotta alcohol.  Not that I know anything about alcohol.  Never touched the stuff.  *Ahem*).

 The gist of the volunteer effort involved serving up wine and beer to customers and lobbying for tips which went to the WCA (Women & Children’s Alliance).

It was a great event, the only downside being that we had to wear the sponsor’s t-shirts. The sponsor was Bud Lite, and while I didn’t object to wearing their shirt, I did object to the fact that the shirt was mostly white, while my bra was mostly black. The upside to all of this is that my area raked in the sales & tips. I’d like to give a shout out to my “girls” for making it all possible. I guess I should be thankful that nobody pushed me into the fountain while I was down there!


3 thoughts on “Random

  1. Throw away the bottle or better yet, fill it with sand and keep it forever, but PLEASE don’t drink out if anymore! Why tempt fate?

  2. KAYLA1

    We’re bored!

    Write something! We depend on you to help make our existence kind of interesting…..

    Come on!!

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