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In this new, single lifestyle, I am finding certain survival skills come in handy.

Such as arachnid wrestling.

This morning I “kilt” a spider the size of my big toe, in my bathtub, with a giant handful of toliet paper.

It looked something like this. (Pre-smash of course)

I would have taken a picture of it post-smash but I was too busy freaking out and dancing around half naked, trying not to touch the spider guts and visualizing it ressurecting itself out of the wad of toliet paper and creepy-crawling right on up my arm.


The bright side?





Out loud anyways.

There may or may not have been some squeaking, gasping “no, no, no, no, no’s” being uttered.


2 thoughts on “EEEEK!!!

  1. Well done. You did it! 🙂 Not much fun, though, I bet. Sounds like they bother you a bit?

    Why hasn’t science come up with the insect proof house yet???

  2. Well done! I also suffer from the fear that the spider will resurrect and I will pay for having had the nerve to try and kill it!

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