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TMI Tuesday

WARNING:  If you are a man, you might just want to skip this post. 

Whilst shopping at Pottery Barn this weekend, a friend and I took the opportunity to lounge on a sectional couch for a moment and rest our toesies.  Admiring various objects surrounding us, my friend soon commented on how much she liked the accordion floor lamp that was strategically placed to arch over the couch.  I believe it was this one:

I looked up and did a double take, because I immediately thought of my doctor’s office. 

No, not my general care doctor…

The other one… 

The one with the “special” exam table..

The one who has you slide down into a classic “catcher” position…except you’re flat on your back… and thankfully not in the middle of a baseball field.  Whew!

The one who then says, “Okay, just scootch down a little further” and you’re wondering if this will be the moment when you find out just where your center of gravity is.. or isn’t.

 The one you always  pray has warmed his hands before the examination.


You know, that one. 

(As pictured above…except hopefully without the cigarette.  Awkward.)

Anyways – see the lamp in the corner? Can you see the similarities here? 

 Wouldn’t that creep you out to have a lamp at home that serves as a daily reminder of the most uncomfortable day of your year?  I was expressing this opinion to my friend when she noted that she didn’t think her doctor’s office was outfitted with a lamp like that.  And I was all…well how does he see then?  Cause I’m pretty sure the overhead light isn’t going to penetr…and then I suddenly had an “AH-HA” moment of Oprah-esque proportions!

That’s what these bad boys are for!

All these years I’ve seen pictures of doctors wearing headlamps and figured they were just confused, or contemplating a new career in mining, but NO!  Turns out they were mining for a different kind of… wait, this analogy can’t end well…

Anywhoodle, all that to say if you’re strolling through the mall these weekend, stop by Pottery Barn and hang out on the sectional in the middle of the store.  Just don’t let that funky light confuse you into assuming the “catcher” position. 


One thought on “TMI Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the man warning. I’m glad I didn’t read that. Oops. Too late! 🙂

    Two thoughts:

    Shopping? Makes the vertebrae pop out of my back like frisbees and bounce off the walls.

    That lamp? I agree. It seems downright creepy. I think it was also featured in underground medical lab owned by the Dharma Initiative on Lost. 🙂

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