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I really hate making public announcements about personal issues.  However, I’ve recently started a new chapter in my life and thought it might be confusing to some of my intermittent readers if I started referencing these new “goings on” in my life without first formally announcing it. 

So here it is:

My husband and I have made the decision to divorce, and I have moved out of our house and into a new living arrangement. 

Needless to say, my life is incredibly unorganized right now.  Which could mean that my postings will be even more sparse.  Or worse, it could mean I’ll start posting every day about how miserable I am.

Which would be worse, dear reader?

My hope is to strike a balance somewhere inbetween, as I’m hopeful there will still be moments of humor (Dear God, please let there be humor) and joy (Dear God, please let there be joy) to be found somewhere in the midst of all of this. 

I’ve had ideas simmering on the backburner for awhile now, of how to modify and freshen up my blog.  My hope is that I’ll have more time to focus on those types of activities, once I finish unpacking, so stay tuned to see what happens.


One thought on “Transitions

  1. As a regular reader of your blog I just want to wish you the best and that whatever happens you take care of #1, remain strong, and that things go the way you want them to! Good luck and please try to hang in there during these trying times!

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