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Wordless (sorta) Wednesday

My apologies for the scarcity of postings in the past couple of weeks.  It’s been a fortnight of stress and worry, grief and illness.  Not exactly great posting material.  To be fair to myself however, I never promised it would be all sunshine and rainbow farts around here (I also never promised you a rose garden, just so we’re clear).

I decided it might be easier to catch everyone up with a short little photo montage of what has been occupying my time.  Other sites call it “Wordless Wednesday”, but I’m not capable of being so succinct, so instead it’ll be “Sorta Wordless Wednesday” instead, with pictures substituting for the majority of writing. 

And here we go:




(Representative of hubby and I, because I don’t have pics of us arguing…
which is good, because that would be weird..
but maybe no weirder than fighting polar bears. 



(Not really me..but highly representative of my work life)


You should be thanking God the internet had pics of polar bears hugging. 
Because I have no idea how I would have indicated that we “made up” otherwise.


(I’ll save you the click – it says Pneumonia.. and it’s referring to me) 

 That’s the end of my photo montage.  It really doesn’t encompass everything that’s been going on, but I ran out of pictures and I’m getting tired.  I’m still at home recovering from the pneumonia (another post to follow, modern medicine confuses me), but I hope most of the drama of the last few weeks is over.  Although, knowing me that’s pert near impossible.  I seem to attract it, like flies to cow pie.

And with that mental image, I’ll leave you.




3 thoughts on “Wordless (sorta) Wednesday

  1. Hi Val – Yes, unfortunately, we had to have her put down. She ate part of a throw rug and it got bound in her intestines. The surgery to have it fixed was over $3000, and we didn’t have the funds. 😦

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