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I don’t know whether to blame my bra or the popcorn…

I wanted popcorn for dinner tonight.  Hubby was out running errands, neither of us wanted to cook, and I was in the mood for something sinful and simple.  So I threw a bag of microwavable popcorn into the microwave.  And promptly burnt it. 


Not the end of the world though, right?  So I just popped another bag of popcorn, this time adding a bit mo’ butter for that authentic “sinful” flavor. YUMMO!

I decided I wanted to eat it in bed, so I tucked my cell-phone into my bra (it was the most logical carrying case I had at the time!),  and gathered up the bowl, two books and a stack of magazines.  Balancing everything carefully, I successfully negotiated the stairs and had just set down the books and magazines when I felt my cell phone  begin to slip from it’s secure location.

Can you see what’s coming here?

Time slowed, and I watched in horror as the phone struck the edge of the bowl, inducing a shower of popcon that scattered across the bed, nightstand and everywhere inbetween…

I had four thoughts immediately following this moment:

I wonder if it’s salvageable?

Nah, it’s covered in cat hair.

Damn, the vacuum’s downstairs.

Where’d the frickin phone go?

Figuring the offending cell phone had bounced off the nightstand and under the bed, I got down on all fours, lifted the bed skirt and did a quick visual search.  Nothing.  So I quickly flipped back all 27 or so pillows on my side of the bed thinking it might have slipped between one of them.  Zip.  Nada.  It wasn’t behind the nightstand.  Or under the night stand.  Or wedged between the box spring and bed frame. 

But a whole lotta popcorn sure was! 

So I went to the office and fetched the flashlight. I must have just missed it under the bed, right?   (I am known for my lack of visual acuity). But a second sweep still produced nothing.  And with hubby out and about, I couldn’t have him call me to locate it for certain.

By this point, I was seriously confused.

Suddently, I had a lightbulb moment!  I grabbed the bowl of popcorn and began digging.  Didn’t take long as it was only half-full at this point.  And sure enough, there at the very bottom, coated with butter, was the missing cell phone.  For a minute there, I felt pretty smart for figuring it out.

Until I remembered how it all happened.

This is what a craving for simple and sinful garners, internet.  Be ye forewarned.

An accurate depiction of my mood at this point.
Disclaimer: I don’t know this baby.  But he looks like an awesome kid.


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