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My Weekend In Pictures (Part One)

Sunrise in Hood River – view from our patio…


 Columbia Gorge Pacific Byway


 Horsetail Falls


 Umm, when did my hair turn orange?!

 I wouldn’t get this close – he didn’t have to worry about frizzy hair like I do…


 This moss is a safety hazard


Random discovery on the road – Evergreen Air Museum – new home of the Spruce Goose!


The amazing part about all of this is that hubby knew the names of all these crafts without having to look at the placards…  He’s such a nerd, but at least he doesn’t sit in the basement playing World of Warcraft and subsisting on bags of Cheetos.


Sailor Jack Inn – this is where we stayed – so cheap, but not scary!


The view from our motel window…

There are no words for how much fun we are having!!!






One thought on “My Weekend In Pictures (Part One)

  1. Yeah, for the record, I’m not a fan of Cheetos. However, Hot Pockets and Funyons are within the realm of possibility………

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