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What I’m Reading

I made a trip to the library over the weekend and picked up “a few” books to read:

This trip yielded mostly non-fiction, which is an aberration for me.  The contents of these books should be pretty self-explanatory – except for Eating the Dinosaur. It’s a collection of essays by Chuck Klosterman that center around pop culture.  Topics include, “The boredom of voyeurism” and “Why music fans inevitably hate the latest album of their favorite band.”  Real high-brow stuff here…


I’ve already started reading Classics for Pleasure, and am busily compiling a list of future reading.  Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” is also a departure from my usual stack of reading materials.  I’m pretty suspect of the contents, but am also convinced that 90% of the issues that plague me in this life take place in my brain, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Denialism just looks like fun – mocking irrational thinking (although I majored in it in high school) is always a good time.  And the one token fiction novel is also outside what I would normally pick up.  The Betrayal of the Blood Lily is a sort of spy novel set in early 19th century London and India, with the main female character determined to unmask a mysterious, French spy known as Marigold.  Could be interesting.  Could be crap.  Time will tell.

For St. Patricks day, I also picked up a Celtic CD that looked interesting.  It ended up being mostly “Hey, I’m drunk in a bar and I’m Irish, so let’s dance a happy little jig” kind of music versus the slower, sadder kind of celtic music that I usually enjoy. 

So lots of happy reading in my future.  I’d better get to it!!


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