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Pot Head

Last weekend I discovered you can buy cat nip in bulk from Fred Meyer.  I was very happy about this as our existing stash was losing its effectiveness and buying in bulk is SO CHEAP.  So I bought a little baggie full, no more than 1/2 to 3/4 of  a cup and brought it home to a very appreciative cat.

A couple of days later, hubby came home to the following scene:

Fuzzy…with a suspiciously empty plastic bag.

I like to imagine the exchange went something like this:

Hubby:  What you got going on there, Fuzzball?

FuzzyNothing, I swear, nothing at all…

Hubby:  Fuzzball…

FuzzyOkay, okay, I’ll show you…but it wasn’t me!!

FuzzyIt was like this when I got here – I swear it!

Hubby:  Uh-huh….

FuzzyIt’s not my fault if I couldn’t resist a few nibbles…

Hubby:  Of course not.  Care to explain how it got off the shelf and all over the floor?

Fuzzy Uh, like I said, it was already like this when I got down here.  I think I’m just gonna lay down for awhile, maybe have a snack…

Thankfully, it was a relatively easy clean-up.  And the cat-nip has been moved to a sealed plastic tub to avoid any future mishaps.


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