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Weekend Recipe Review

The following is a great alternative to traditional chicken pot pie:

First – you’ll need a roasted chicken.  You can grab one from the deli for $5 or $6 or if you are feeling thrifty, make one from scratch for 1/3 of the price…Debone the chicken, shredding the meat as you go – set aside and then….


1 chopped onion
4-5 carrots, chopped
6 -7 stalks celery, chopped

Heat some olive oil in a pan and saute the above until carrots are just tender.  Then add:

1 pkg (8oz) sliced mushrooms

Saute until mushrooms are just softened.  Then add:

1-2 T flour

Stir the flour around until the vegetables start looking pasty.  Don’t worry – this is a good thing.

Grab some chicken broth and slowly adding, stirring as mixture thickens.  Eyeball the amount.  You’ll probably need at least a cup of liquid to reach the right pot pie consistency.  You should also start adding the chicken at this time, along with salt & pepper to taste.  If you’re feeling really decadent, substitute heavy cream for some of the broth – makes it so very yummy

Okay – so now you should have a fairly traditional pot pie filling – creamy chicken & veggies, hard to go wrong there.  Pour it all into a casserole or 9×13 baking dish.  It should look something like this:

(Minus the blurriness…if it looks like this in your kitchen, go find your glasses)

Okay – thanks for hanging with me – THIS is where it gets interesting.

Take a loaf of french or italian bread and slice some nice thick pieces off, then arrange along the top of the casserole.

Like so:

Again with the blurriness – I’m sorry, I was detoxing from massive doses of Mtn Dew

Grab some olive oil and brush it all over the bread, followed with a healthy amount of grated parmesan cheese and dried parsley.  OR  if your parsley is missing or dreadfully washed out, you can substitute italian seasoning. 

It should somewhat resemble this:

Now throw the whole thing in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes until it comes out all golden, crispy and happy looking.  If it doesn’t look happy, send it back for some more heat!

See how HAPPY this looks!?

No?  Can’t see it?

How about now?

Although really, if you think about it…this moment marks the beginning of the end for the poor dish.  Perhaps it’s feeling more like this…

“NOOO…don’t eat me…what did I ever do to you!?!?!”  it asks plaintively…

(Confession: I have way too much time on my hands and an excess of green onions to play with)

The verdict?  All creatures in this house, great and small, enjoyed a serving of this dish and it received thumbs/paws up all around.  Which makes the cook very happy.

But know what makes me even happier?

A clean kitchen afterwards

That is the secret to deep, abiding joy internet – no dirty dishes.



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