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Liquid Nostalgia

Have you ever smelled something that took you straight back to your childhood?

Growing up on a farm, there are certain scents that remain indeliby etched in my sensory memory banks.

The rich smell of freshly turned earth.. 

The sometimes pungent smell of the livestock (in my case, sheep)

But I think my all-time favorite is the scent of alfalfa..

No, not THAT Alfalfa.

This kind.  Freshly mown for hay. 

Turns out, alfalfa has a very distinctive, sweet aroma.

It also has a very distintive, sweet taste.

How do I know this?

Well… I started something new this week:

I started taking this supplement:

It’s a blend of alfalfa and wheatgrass juice, in powder form, that you add to a small amount of apple juice, and drink like jello shooters.  (Ok, so I’ve never had jello shooters, but I imagine I’d drink them much like I drink this stuff.  Quickly and with much face scrunching) And let me tell you – it tastes exactly like it smells.  Yup, I’m having HAY for breakfast these days!

Anyone who knows me well also knows that I am not one to jump on the bandwagon of vitamins and supplements and organic food.  In fact, I pretty much despise taking any kind of pill, and have turned my nose up at myriad “miracle” powders and potions over the years, promising everything from clear skin to weight loss.

However.  This was offered up to me free of charge by a co-worker in an almost dare to see if I noticed any benefits from it.  And dadgum if I don’t.  And it’s only been 3 days.  I’ve had more energy, less heartburn, and in general have just felt better than I did a week ago.  Which is nice.  Who knows how long it will last, but I’ll be keepin ya posted. 


One thought on “Liquid Nostalgia

  1. I’m so proud!!! I take Kyogreen (which is about the same thing) in my OJ in the morning. I love it!!! It makes me feel so much better ❤

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