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Writer’s Block?

So I’ve drafted three different posts in the last three weeks, and have (obviously) not been able to get any of them completed.  I returned from vacation relatively refreshed and ready to tackle the new year, but instead feel like I’ve spent the last month treading water.  Fully clothed.  With nary a nose plug in sight.  And I’m getting all pruney!!!!

Ok, so the picture has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was cute.

Moving on… I hear the best way to get past writer’s block is just to write and write and write, and not worry about the content so much.  So that’s what this post is.  My wandering brain turned loose with a pen. (Er, keyboard?)  Consider yourself warned. 

Random observation #1
People who play FarmVille on facebook really need to keep a better eye on their animals.  I’ve had 3 cows,  2 sheep, and a turtle turn up on my “doorstep” saying they were lost and needed a home.  Well GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.  I can barely care for the real, live animals we already have!  The last thing I need is some virtual little cow to start batting her eyelashes at me and suckering me into taking her in. 

Not. Gonna. Happen.  It’s called a corral, my facebook friends.  If you build it, they will come..and hopefully STAY!

Observation #2:
Speaking of animals, we are officially down to just two wee beasties in the Krahmer household.  One dog. One cat.  Our big, lovable Murphy has finally graduated, moved out, and gone to college.  I’ll probably only see him when he needs his rawhide laundered. 

Ok, so that’s only partially true.  He has moved out and gone on to better things, but I doubt matriculation had anything to do with it.  Hubby and I had been feeling for awhile now that our place was just too small for our big, energetic pooch.  We were hesitant at the idea of trying to find a new home for him, but it turned out that a  friend of a friend was looking for another dog to join their household.  Seems they have a dog similar to Murphy who is getting along in years and may not be around for much longer.  We took Murphy out to meet their family and see how he got along with their dogs and it was just a match made in heaven.  He now has other dogs to play with, a full 5 acres of grounds to patrol, and enough bushes and fence posts to pee on that he thinks he’s died and gone to dog heaven.  We were sad to see him go, but know it was the best choice for him.  And we arranged an open adoption, so there will be visitation rights.

Observation Random Thought #3
On the way home from work I stopped at the grocery store to pick up evaporated milk, Hot Pockets, and trash bags.  I left my list at home.  Along with my coupon book.  I spent $93 and change.  Gulp.

But the good news is that in addition to the milk, hot pockets and trash bags, we now have cotswold cheese and enough toliet paper and paper towels to last through the year. 

The End.


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block?

  1. I must defend the wandering farm animals (because as you know, I am an offender). When playing the game, they wander onto our farm, and we aren’t given the opportunity to keep them. Instead, we are charged with the task of finding them a home. Either that, or ignore them and they go away. So this has nothing to do with neglect of ones farm. But are you aware that you can block the application so it doesn’t show up in your facebook feed? I’ve done that with other FB games. It doesn’t block the friend, just the things posted by that app.

  2. Now was that so hard? I enjoyed this post very much. I have been suffereing withdrawal and thought you were never going to post again. You made my day. I was seriously considering deleting you from my Favorites list – which is what I typically do when bloggers blog to seldom. But, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I thought as soon as I do that, she’ll start blogging again. Glad I waited.

  3. Or you can just block the friend from your newsfeed. I do that all the time. Too many apps? Block. Stupid status updates? Block. Annoying profile picture of their own face? Block. I want pretty, intelligent friends, not a bunch of computer addicted blockheads! …oh… Anyways. It’s an idea.

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