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Christmas Vacation

As usual, my best of intentions have gone awry.  I fully intended to blog a few days ago, but unfortunately, I woke up New Years day feeling a little less than festive.  I spent nearly the entire day in bed with chills and body aches, but oddly no fever.  Saturday was not much better, although by mid-day I was able to venture forth to spend some time with a friend and run a few errands.

Thankfully, today I’m almost back to normal (well, for me anyways), which is great considering I have to return to work tomorrow.  It will be strange to be back in the office after a week and a half away!  I know it must have been a good vacation, because I’m actually looking forward to returning, and feel fully rested.  Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause!

I’ll spare you the overly-gratuitous description of our vacation to Arizona.  Fabulous though it was, I don’t want to be the type who invites people over to visit, only to hold them hostage in the basement with a slide projector and 17 trays of photo-slides, the majority of which include my thumb over half the lens.  Not that I take pictures like that, of course…  I will however, give you the highlights:

First and foremost, it was fan-freaking-tastic.  Although there was no warm weather where we were (Northern Arizona experiences conditions almost identical to where we are in Idaho), we greatly enjoyed spending Christmas with hubby’s family.  I’m very blessed to have never been subjected to the dreaded “evil in-laws” experience, and this time was no different.  Christmas was a blast, we received some great gifts (BOOKS, BOOKS, I GOT BOOKS!!!) and a few days later we were off to the cabin outside of Flagstaff.  I must say, being able to spend some quiet time at their cabin was close to nirvana for me.  Our first night there, the satellite tv was (blessedly) not working, so we set up the laptop with some music, grabbed some blankets and snuggled up on one of the loveseats in front of the fireplace.  The awesome, awesome, fireplace.

There were a few flies in the ointment of our joy (now there’s a sentence I swear has never been written before).  Hubby’s cluster headaches (which only strike every three to four years but last five to six weeks) hit with a vengeance shortly before we left town, so we spent a fair amount of time negotiating with pharmacies to get the required miracle drug that kept him (mostly) upright and happy for the duration of the trip.  The driveway from the main road to the cabin proved to be a bit of a challenge for our (sadly-lacking-in-4-wheel-drive) truck, so we hubby mastered the art of of the shovel, digging us out to freedom three different times.  And, as I alluded to in an earlier post, on the drive home I was accosted in a ladies restroom by a renegade toliet.  It was one of those tricky self-flusher’s that operates on an (obviously faulty) sensor system, which triggered about ten seconds too early.  That was bad enough, but then I “sensed” a bit more “splash-back” *ahem* than is typical in those instances, and started wondering if Ely, Nevada was the kind of high-falutin place to embrace the bidet experience.  Nah, turns out there was just a leak in the pipe coming down the wall.  Towel, anyone?  My poor leather jacket is still recovering.  It may need therapy.

So there, that’s the post on our Christmas vacation.  Hopefully not too traumatizing of a read for you.  I was a no-good, lazy, picture taker, so I have no concrete evidence that any of this happened, but really, who could make all that up? (Is it wrong that part of me would take it as a compliment if you said you believed I could make that up?)


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