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Things that make you go “ewww”

We had an “occurrence” at work yesterday.  Something so unbelievable random and disgusting that I can’t believe I didn’t post about it  I’m going to post about it!

Seems a co-worker of mine had pulled up next to the building & was getting ready to exit her car when she observed a gentleman man walking ahead of where she was parked suddenly stop, drop his drawers, squat, and do his “bidness” right there on the sidewalk.

Oh.  Yes.  He.  Did.

And even scarier?  There were other people about who didn’t even notice!  Some were on their cell phones & apparently others were just chatting with whoever they were walking with and somehow missed the person publicly defecating on the sidewalk.  How do you not see something like this?!?!

My poor co-worker’s lunch was ruined (can you imagine!!!), and just when she thought she was going to have to walk past him on her way into the building, the offending party pulled up his pants and calmly walked on. 



There are not enough words for how very, very wrong this is. 
I think I’m scarred for life and I didn’t even see it.

I just had to walk past the <shudder> wet spot later in the day.  After someone from the maintenance crew cleaned it up, thankfully.  Poor guy went from trouble shooting a complex mechanical issue to public-poo-clean-up in a matter of 5 minutes.  Not a highlight of his day, I’ll bet.

Boggles the mind, does it not?  I’ve heard about things like this happening, but I always assumed they occured in the seedy parts of town, under bridges, or in the middle of the woods while camping.  Not in downtown Boise, practically outside my window!

So this is how I ushered in December.  Contemplating which virtual stranger walking in front of me might suddenly cop a squat and take the sidewalk to a new level of un-sanitary.

Merry Christmas ya’ll!! (from Mr. Hanky…the Christmas poo)


6 thoughts on “Things that make you go “ewww”

  1. When I worked at my former job, a lady came to the office to complain about her bill. She sat in the office for a long time at my co-workers desk. My co-worker noticed a bit of a stench. Not completely unusual. We each had cans of air freshener under our desks for such occasions. She sprayed once the lady left. A bit later, the stench was lingering. So she sprayed again. A bit later…. still stinking. So she got up to investigate. She walked around the desk, and to her horror, there was a butt print of poo, (crack and all) in the chair. The lady got the runs while sitting there, but I guess didn’t feel the need to run. We threw the chair away. Well, our boss did. We wouldn’t touch it. People are nasty.

  2. Proof positive that the world is getting shittier…..

    Icky. And while we’re on “poo at work” stories – I worked at the mirrored building across from the stadium on Broadway back in the day. One morning I pulled into the underground parking garage and noticed line of Taco Bell taco wrappers (white squares with the logo) across the short wall closest to the entrance/exit. They were “adhered” with – yup, you guessed it…. The whole garage smelled like a big toilet. Maintenance earned their pay that day!!! I think someone got the runs from the Border?? 😉

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  4. “I think I’m scarred for life …” is one of the best Freudian slips of all time! Thanks for sharing this holiday tale. It helps greatly on my quest to find the lowest common denominator of humanity. Nope, still not low enough. :)1

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