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The Family Bed

I’ve never been overly impressed with the concept of the “family bed” or “co-sleeping”, a practice where parents share their bed with their infants & young children. 

However, tonight it occurs to me that that’s essentially what happens in our home:

Picture this guy

and add this girl

Throw in one of these

and one of these

PLUS this guy…

And don’t forget me!

I’m thinkin you could interpret the end result as a “family bed”.  The problem is that this is not the result of a deliberate choice on our part.  Oh no, no, no Fluffy!  Our animals have simply decided that our bed is the cushiest spot in the house and clearly they deserve to spend their nap time in such luxurious comfort

Of course!

I don’t mind too much though.  As someone who is always cold, it’s quite nice to have  furry body to snuggle with from time to time.  As long as they don’t get between me and hubby, it’s all good.  🙂




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