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It’s a slippery slope

Internet, I’ve flirted with a special kind of danger for years but today I full-on crossed over a line.

Redneck Woman

It started innocently enough.  You see, I had the day off from work because of the holiday, so I slept in until 10ish.  When I got up, I made it as far as the couch and decided to watch a movie I’d gotten from Netflix.  Made myself some ramen’s for lunch.  Watched another movie.  Graduated from my robe into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt around 4:30ish.  Moved back upstairs & watched yet another movie online with hubby.  A classic example of a slovenly existence, but neatly contained in our own private residence, so no big deal, right?

But then we had to make a quick run to Fred Meyer to pick up a couple of things, and I just couldn’t dredge up enough energy or motivation to put myself together properly, so instead, I (gulp) threw my un-showered self into some jeans, yanked my hair back into a clip, put on shoes with no socks and went out into PUBLIC.  With no makeup, no deoderant, unplucked, and unkempt. 


Oh yes…yes, I did! 

I think my only saving grace is that I remembered to put on a bra.  (TMI, I know..sorry). 


Dressed up for Wal-Mart


And you know, I figured eventually illness, childbirth – or even old age & indifference might bring me to a day like this, but I had no such excuse tonight.  I was just feeling extraordinarily lazy.

And as my title suggests, it’s a slippery slope.  Where does it go from here? 


Is this my future??


Could this be what hubby & I go out in for our next Anniversary?



5 thoughts on “It’s a slippery slope

  1. Unless the good folks from People of WalMart were there, I’m sure it was all good. I bet it wasn’t as bad as you make it sound. People weren’t surreptitiously trying to take your picture were they? 😉

  2. Oh shite, I forgot to keep my eyes peeled for cell phone cameras! That is a dead giveaway. Hubby assures me it wasn’t that bad, but having been raised by a mother who wouldn’t even go get the mail without being perfectly coiffed, it felt like an intervention material.

  3. Dear KK,

    I must confess that as I age, I too go out “uncoiffed” as you say. And don’t tell anyone but I even go braless at times, of course I have the grace to wear an over shirt or something.

    But dang! We Kinders are alot of things but NEVER rednecks! NEVER! My neck is perfectly white!

    And so is yours!

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