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Unacceptable Social Behavior

So I stop off at Starbucks this morning to grab a cupp-a-joe for myself and a co-worker.  Innocent enough start to the day, right? 

Coffee Dead

I pull into the parking lot and deliberately choose a parking space with several empty spaces surrounding it.  This particular lot has very small parking stalls and I’ve learned to be sensitive about door dings – and how easy it is to both give and receive them.  (Aren’t you proud honey!?)

I run inside, have a delightful repartee with the barista and return to my car to find that someone has pulled in on the drivers side of my vehicle…with 4 empty spaces to the left of my car to choose from!  A lone female, chatting up someone on her cell phone, has parked close enough that I’m almost forced to door ding her car just to get in my own!

Parked Too Close

What is up with this – is it just me? 

Because I’m open to that possibility. 

Really – maybe I’m just overly sensitive about space?

I have the similar issues with someone coming into a large public bathroom and picking the stall right next to me, even though there are dozens of other empty ones to choose from.  It’s just so very, very wrong.

Toliet Stalls

Does this make me anti-social?  Unfriendly?  Stuck-up?

Don’t answer that.

Maybe therapy is the answer.

Group Therapy


4 thoughts on “Unacceptable Social Behavior

  1. Aaahahahahahahaha! She sure didn’t leave any breathing room did she! I hate it when people do ‘the bathroom thing’ as well. I would rather pee in private thank you.

  2. No, my dear, I fear you have inherited this from your mother. I actualy had a conforntation with a woman who parked so close to my car that whn I got in it she acused me of dinging herr car ( I did not0 I was very careful.. well, she said I did and I said if she had half a brain and knew how to park.. and well.. it went downhill from there…. although it did not get physical.

  3. Nice photo and nice post! Sounds like you had a close encounter of the obliviot kind. Chances are she was too clueless to even know what she had done. Curse those damn cell phones!

    So she parked right next to you even though there were plenty of spaces available? Maybe she suffers from separation anxiety. 🙂 Seriously though, what I do in cases like that is look for an open window. If found, I hock a lump of phlegm on the driver’s seat. Just a little karma-based surprise for them to enjoy upon their return. If the universe doesn’t provide an opening, then I settle for the driver’s side window. It’s subtle but I imagine it still gets the point across.

    Also, I think your post is somewhat incomplete with some short examples of that delightful repartee with the “barista.” Heh.

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