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Doggie Drama

Remember our goofy, fun-loving, “eldest child” Murphy?

0823072132Yeah, that’s the one.

He had a little accident today.

We’re not sure how it happened, but Tim put both dogs in the backyard while vacuuming and when he went to let them back in, discovered that Murph had somehow attained a 1-inch gash on his leg, near the tendons above his foot. *OUCH*  I was away doing some grocery shopping at the time and so like any good parent, when I got the call I dropped everything and headed home. 

Murph was being a trooper about it all, but it was clear from the depth of the cut and the crime-scene-like condition of the patio that he needed to go to the vet.  So we loaded him up and headed to West-Vet, a 24-hour emergency clinic near our home.  A couple of hours and 4 staples later, Murph was back home.  With a lot of pain meds and an unfortunate new collar:

Doped Murph

I feel sooo bad for him.  He’s still loopy from the pain meds and between that and the plastic shield, every move he makes results in bumping into walls or furniture, followed by the most pathetic “what do I do now!” expression.  He’s most comforted when one of us is near him, so we hoisted him up on the couch for a bit of snuggle time with dad:

Doped Murph 2

The collar has to stay on for 10 days and he has antibiotics and pain pills for the duration as well.  Right now he’s sacked out on the bed next to me.  Getting him up the stairs was nothing short of a miracle.  I don’t even want to think about how we’re going to get him back down.. 

Humorous side note:  Hubby made an interesting discovery tonight.  When he saw Murph’s injury, he immediately went in search of something resembling first aid supplies..which are sadly lacking in our house.  The only thing we have are regular band-aids, which are obviously not so effective on animals.  Seeking something gauze-like and super-absorbent, Tim stumbled upon my *ahem* “feminine napkins” and lo and behold, they did the trick!  A disturbing visual to be sure, but “sanitary” (ha!) nonetheless.


3 thoughts on “Doggie Drama

  1. Editorial note….

    Having decided the Shakesperian collar is just too cumbersome, at 4:15 am, we realized that yet another fem-hygeine product and an ACE bandage would provide the same protection from Murph’s tongue, and would also keep his blood off of our carpet.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled blog-reading….

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