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Cats and Cars

Cats and cars are like oil and water..they just don’t mix.  Today I took our three little kitties for a road-trip, over to Mandi’s house as her mother-in-law is considering getting another cat (or two?)  And her boys certainly enjoyed petting the “mows” (meows) .  Although they aren’t ready to leave mom just yet, I figured they would be find for a quick 40 minute trip away from home.  And mama kitty was certainly ready for a break from her kids, especially since they’ve learned to use their claws.  I swear I hear a thank you meow as I pulled away from the house.

I didn’t bother pulling the cat carrier from the back shed because a.) wasn’t sure how deep it was buried and b.) I had a nice paper box handy and thought that along with a heavy blanket, it would work nicely to contain them.

I thought wrong.

Kittens are remarkably persistent and resilient little beasties and before I was even halfway there, they had escaped the box and were crawling over the floorboard and passenger seat.  I had better luck on the way home, but despite re-engineering the box/blanket situation, they were still out and about in about five minutes.

My apologies to the other drivers on the road with me today.  Although I’m fairly confident that I never wandered from between my two lines, I’m sure I alarmed a few folks who pulled up next to me and saw a kitten on each shoulder… 

This little guys expression says it well…we were all a little disgruntled. 

Disgruntled Kitty


5 thoughts on “Cats and Cars

  1. Well I’m glad you have a home for some. I might see if Gene (FIL) wants another cat. Will they be inside cats or outside cats?

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