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So the number of furry creatures in our house (that we know of anyway) has just been DOUBLED. Our neighbor’s kitty, who we’ve been feeding & loving on for the last several months, gave birth to 3 little kitties a couple of weeks ago (we think) and we discovered them snuggled up under our electric meter. After a discussion with the neighbors, whereby we essentially took ownership of the cat (long story, but they didn’t care much for her and she didn’t care much for them and turns out we have “SUCKER” stamped on both of our foreheads when it comes to animals), we moved mama kitty and her litter into our office.

And I just have to say..

I could sit and watch those kittens all day long. They are so freakin adorable, it’s ridiculous. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself:

Kitties 2
Mama Kitty w/her brood

Kitties 3
This little guy is the “runt” and the only boy to boot.  Such a charmer though.

Kitties 4
Desperately seeking entertainment

They are already spilling out of the little contained area we had for them, so we’ve put up a baby gate and given them run of the room. There is no possible way we can accomdate any more pets. I know this for a fact. There’s the fur and the food and the poo-removal. It’s just too much work.




My heart just melts when I pick them up and hold them. I might be in trouble here. So if any of my readers are looking for a new companion, please let me know and I’ll be happy to slap a big red bow on one of them for you and send them your way. Express mail, even.

You know you want one.


2 thoughts on “Kitties

  1. You tell Guy and I will throw large solid objects at you.

    Honestly though we probably would be we can’t have animals at this house.
    I put in a plug for you on FB though! Maybe I have an acquaintance who wants one!

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