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Fainting, Faucets and the Flu

 Warning Label

Sorry for my lengthy absence from posting anything interesting.  I had planned on updating my blog on Thursday night but was really tired and just didn’t have the motivation to do it.  Early Friday (we’re talking around 4am) I woke up with full-body shivers.  I was sooo cold – my teeth were literally chattering.  So I did what any sensible girl does when she wants to warm up quickly – I hopped into a smokin hot shower.  It did the trick, but I found myself getting a bit woozy toward the end.  (Hubby tells me dramatic temperature changes like that are shocking to one’s system…who knew?)

I hollered for Tim because I could tell my balance was precarious at best.  He showed up right about the time my ears started ringing and my heart started racing. Later, he said he could tell by one look at my face that the lights were on, but nobody was home..  He tried to get me to just sit down in the tub, but I only made it about a half turn before my knees gave out and I plumb passed out.


Now, let me just take a minute here to reflect on the term “fainting” and the many pre-conceived notions attached to it.  Many years of movie-watching and reading various books has likely left a lot of you with a certain idea of how a woman faints.  Usually there’s a delicate fluttering of the eyelashes, perhaps a tremulous gasp of alarm, before she oh-so-gracefully folds to the floor, her hair in beautiful disarray, her skin pale and translucent.  And often there is a dashing young gent standing by, ready to swoop in and catch her before she has a chance to risk a head injury.

Fainting 4

About that.

Let me just say for the record that there was nothing delicate, graceful or beautiful about how I fainted.  And to add insult-to-injury (or in this case injury-to-insult), on my way down I managed to take out the faucet in the tub.  Yup, somehow I contorted my body so that the ribs on my left side hit the faucet with enough force to snap the copper tube inside from it’s proper place deep in the wall behind the shower.

Oh Joy.

Tub RashSorry for the visual…I made it as small as I could. 
In real life, it’s about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. 
If your eyes are still burning, try cucumbers..it helps.  🙂

I spent the next 24 hours in bed with alternating bouts of chills, fever, nausea, and an all-over feeling of acheyness (especially on my left side..oy).  Thankfully my fever broke by mid-Saturday and although hubby swears he still smells bacon, we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Swine Flu.  Mostly because it was over so quickly.  So I’ll be back to work tomorrow (yay!) and in line for my flu-shot the following week.  I don’t know how people survive a whole week (or longer!) of feeling this way. 

Thankfully, hubby was able to repair the faucet himself, requiring a mere $35 worth of materials from Wal-Mart.  Considering the plumber quoted us a minimum repair cost of $150, I consider myself blessed to have a husband who is so handy.  As a bonus for him, he got a propane torch out of the deal, so that almost compensated for having to play nurse-maid to me for a couple of days.  Tools are a great bribe reward for husbands. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fainting, Faucets and the Flu

  1. OMG La-la, O-M-G. Your bruise looks awful. I hope it feels better. I have given my self black eyes and bruised sides of face by passing out. Also, Mandi can attest to me loosing a battle with the asphalt. Which, while not amusing, gives me many hours of entertainment when I tell others and watch them freak out. See, good things come to those who wound themselves in weird and awkward ways.

  2. Oh Kayla! I’m so sorry; I do, however, feel your pain. I made the mistake of taking a hot bath one time when I had the flu. One leg out, one leg was my precarious position when I dropped. At least you garnered a wicked awesome injury. All that was injured in my case was my ego. sigh.

  3. Oh sweetie,

    I am so sorry! Alas…it is true the Kinder women are not known for their grace but we make up for it with our rapier wit!

    Love you,


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