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Tonight I have total, complete Dead-Brain Syndrome (hereafter known as DBS). 

DBS is an unfortunate condition, brought on by an excess of time spent in a corporate environment.  Some days when I get home I feel like this guy from Office Space:

See that desk?  That’s what my desk at work is looking like these days.  And anyone who knows me well, knows that level of disorganization wreaks havoc on my nerves.  I came home today with shoulder spasms and a wicked headache.

And we all know what the best cure for that is, right?  That’s right – say it with me ladies…



Tonight I whipped up a great pasta carbonara with a twist.  Traditional carbonara is pasta tossed with a bit of olive oil, bacon, parmesean cheese and a couple of beaten eggs to hold it all together.  Hubby loves this dish but has always felt like bacon wasn’t quite robust enough, so this time I added chicken, as well as sliced mushrooms and some halved cherry tomato’s fresh from a co-worker’s garden.

OMG, if heaven had a flavor, I swear I tasted it an hour ago.  I lightened it up a bit by using whole wheat spaghetti and half the amount of bacon the recipe called for.  This is the kind of dish where a small serving goes a long way toward filling one up.  Which is great on a lot of fronts, especially the one where I get to take leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Plus, whole-wheat pasta counts as a complex carbohydrate, right?  Just the kind of carb I like..

Complex Carbs

Ok, enough for now.  I can’t get Office Space off my brain now, so I’ll leave you with this classic scene:


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