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Movie Reviews

Timmy and I had a “date” night tonight.  Instead of going out, we rented a couple of movies and grilled some (amazing) sausage & veggie skewers for dinner.

The movies we rented were a mixed bag.    They were both mystery/suspense type films, of which Tim and I are both a fan.  And while neither had a happy ending per se, (LOL!  Sorry, inside joke), I definitely preferred one over the other.


First, the one I did not like much.  The Horsemen starred Dennis Quaid (of whom I am typically a fan) and I really wanted to like it, but there was something about it that made it impossible.  It was too predictable, and although it wasn’t as gory as many movies out there, some of the scenes were just too much, you know?  And the ending was so tragic and unresolvable that I was left wondering what the point was.  I don’t mind sad endings if there is some sort of moral or message to it, but this movie seemed lacking in either.


The second movie, Passengers, starred Anne Hathaway and my response to it was completely opposite of The Horsemen.  It seemed “off” from the get-go and I was sure it wouldn’t end well and that I wouldn’t like it.  But right when I was ready to call it quits and pick up a book instead, the pace picked up and the lack of certain plot points began to make sense.  I actually had an “ah-ha” moment, which is rare in movies I rent these days, and all of the missing and “off” pieces began to come together.  I wouldn’t rate this as a great film, necessarily, but at least there was a point to all of it (comparatively speaking).  And, I got to experience a few moments of head scratching, followed by looking at hubby and saying, “so that’s what that was all about!” Which you don’t get much of from films these days.

So there you have it.  A breakdown of the events of my evening and 2 really vague movie reviews.  Be thankful I’m not blogging about all the minutiae of my life.  Cuz I could spin some really fascinating tales of coupon clipping and the latest escapades of our furry companions.  Wait…I already do that, don’t I?  Um, yeah, sorry ’bout that.


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