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Technical Difficulties and Managing the Social Calendar

It seems I’ve angered the technology gods…

My computer has been having fits lately and each time I’ve sat down to post something, I’ve been thwarted at every turn.  The good news is I think hubby has it fixed.  The bad news is that he had to basically reset my computer to do so and I lost some valuable picture files in the process.  😦  I also forgot to save my favorite links, so now I’m cruising the internet highway without a road map, so to speak.  Dangerous, if you know how I drive surf.  Hmmph.

On top of computer issues, I’ve been having cell phone issues as well.  My battery refuses to hold a charge and often dies on me mid-conversation.  So if I hang up on you, please know it’s not on purpose.  I’m up for a new cell phone with our carrier soon, so I’m trying to tough it out and not spend any money unnecessarily.  I’m seriously being tempted by the “new” touch-phone technology.  The thing is, I don’ t know that it’s really necessary.  I mean, it does have an undeniable cool factor… but seing as how I’ve been out of high-school for quite awhile now, is “cool” really a good enough reason to buy something?  (I predict hubby would say no…unless it had something to do with “pimping” our rides or maybe a new gaming software)

In other news, life has been a whirlwind of activities as of late.  Between rehearsing for the wedding, setting up for the wedding, attending the wedding, playing “director” at the wedding (One of my duties was telling people where to go and what to do, assigned in part because of my ability to raise my voice loud enough that people three counties away think God is telling them to do something.  And they’re also probably wondering why God sounds like a woman and wants them to move their chairs to the side of the yard), hubby and I have been on social overload.  Note: If you successfully followed that entire sentence you should seriously consider having your head examined.

We’ve interacted every single day for the last 5 days on some level of the social scale, and this coming Saturday I have a family get-together in Caldwell that we will both be attending as well.  For hubby, this is essentially like cramming an entire years worth of social activity into a single week.  He’s held up remarkably well, but I imagine he’ll need a lot of “cave-time” to fully recover.  God knows he’ll have earned it.



One thought on “Technical Difficulties and Managing the Social Calendar

  1. Huh. I think I’m going to tell people the line about my phone dying randomly so that I can hang up on people without causing undue offense.

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