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Joyful Exhaustion

Today my dear friend Quinn married the love of her life, Kyle.  And despite the fact that it was the hottest day of the year thus far (I heard rumors that we hit 107 degrees!), and the ceremony was outdoors (oh my), it was still a wonderful, wonderful day.

My friend is very unconventional, which is one of the things I adore about her.  She made her own gown – it was a rich burgundy color, strapless with a corset top, and the skirt had multiple gathers around it and a lovely little train.  It was beyond beautiful.  Her bridesmaids wore black dresses which made for very striking colors.  The wedding and reception were held in her sister’s back yard with simple and elegant decorations.  They had the best idea for centerpieces; cut-glass crystal vases filed with lemons and limes with ribbons tied around them.  Surrounded by clear glass stones and a few candles on crisp, white, linen tablecloths.  Divine. 

I was able to assist with the decoration of the backyard and it really made me want to throw a party – a really girly party, like a tea.  Something I could invite all the women in my life to come over for so we could all ooh and ahh over everything.  My mother would be so proud!!  It seems more of her rubbed off on me than I realized.  Although people have been telling me for years how alike we are, I’ve only recently started recognizing it for myself.  And the world hasn’t come to an end yet, so apparently it’s really not a bad thing!  (Love you, Mom)   🙂

Hubby helped out at the event by manning the sound system and playing DJ of sorts.  He’s awfully good at stringing wires and connecting equipment and making it look easy.  Maybe it is, but it’s not my forte, that’s for sure.  It was fun working as a team to help get everything coordinated.  And in the end, it went off without a hitch.  From set up to tear down.  And although I have a horrid patch of sunburn across my shoulders, I’d say it was worth all of the blood, sweat and tears that we put into the event.  (Don’t worry, the only actual blood came from me cutting myself while shaving my legs…)

So I’m joyfully exhausted tonight and plan on parking my petunia in front of the window A/C unit for the rest of the evening and maybe reading a book or just watching tv.  Good times, good times.


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