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Poor Poochies

This evening has been a traumatic one for both of our canine companions.

Maggie, our blind poochie, was frolicking in the back yard with our other dog Murphy and apparently got a little bit turned around.  She was chasing Murph and ended up running head-on into the retaining wall for one of our raised flower beds.  I wasn’t there to witness it but hubby said there was an audible cracking sound and now she has a noticeable little bump on the bridge of her nose.  It doesn’t appear to be broken thankfully, but I’m sure she’s not feeling so hot.


About an hour later, after we had retired to the bedroom, Murphy came creeping up the stairs with his tail between his legs and a worried expression on his face.  Seems the neighbors are firing off leftover firecrackers and Murph naturally feels under fire. 


 Right now I’m half sitting, half lying in bed, with Murph curled up behind my knees quivering and Mags burrowing into my armpit, both looking miserable.

I think I need to get helmets for both of them.  Maggie, to protect against head injury and Murphy, to guard against shrapnel.

Dog Helmet

Whaddya think?


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